Shag Lesson Information



Shag Class Format

Beginner Course

In the Beginner Course, you will learn the fundamentals of Shag Dancing. You will begin with the Basic Step
which is the foundation of anything or any step that you will learn about shag dancing. You will progress
through six weeks of instruction as you work through many fundamental movements of the Shag Dance.

New students are allowed to join on the first or second class only.
Course content information is as follows:

Week 1      Basic Step
Week 2 Start Up
Week 3 Female Turn
Week 4 Male Turn
Week 5 Turn In and Trail
Week 6 Belly Roll

Intermediate Course

In the Intermediate Course, the fundamental steps taught offer more footwork.
Course content information is as follows:

Week 1      Pivot
Week 2 Set Up with Stutter
Week 3 Set Up with Kick Back
Week 4 Set Up with Boogie Walk
Week 5 Sugar Foot
Week 6 Triple Basic

Intermediate II Course

In the Intermediate II Course, a combination of together or mirror steps, lead and follow steps,
and male and female lead with a concentration on connection, leading and following
will be taught. The intent is to provide an opportunity for students to learn
fun steps and movements that will enhance their social dancing skills and enhance their
confidence when dancing with diffferent partners.   

Please see our Schedule & Events Calendar for Course dates, times and costs.  Each Class location and schedule may offer different content so please check our calendar for class schedules and information specific to each class.